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Wiedner Gürtel 12/3/11a, 1040 Vienna

The SEO Agency


We get you more visitors to your website…

… and turn them to paying customers.

We get you more visitors to your website…

… and turn them to paying customers.

✓  SEO (OnPage- & OffPage-Optimization)

✓  SEA (Google Ads)

✓  Webdesign / Website Development

✓  SEO (OnPage- & OffPage-Optimization)

✓  SEA (Google Ads)

✓  Webdesign / Website Development

Suchmaschinenoptimierung Wien - SEO Agentur

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design and Google Ads Agency in Vienna

How we promote your success on the Internet

We are a successful agency for Search Engine Optimization with our headquarters in Vienna, Tyrol and Berlin. Whether if you need a new web design after modern standards or Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising (SEO/SEA) to be found by potential customers – we want to support you, to maximize the full potential of your online presence. These are the methods of how we proceed:

Webdesign - Webentwicklung

Web Design & Web Shops


We analyze your target market and create a custom Web Design, that ensures to raise your position within search engines and converts your visitors to paying customers.

Your website will be programmed to meet current technical and safety-relevant criteria. Upon request, we will maintain and operate your website.

SEO - Suchmaschinenoptimierung



One of our SEO experts will look at your offerings, your competitors and your target market.

Afterwards, he will create an SEO strategy for your website. Joint with the Manager of Content and a texting Team, which is specialized in SEO texts, they will work on Keyword research, Content planning, and OnPage Optimization.

SEA - Google Ads



Do you want to see quick results?

We plan and perform your Google Ads strategy for you. This way we ensure an increased visitor flow from the first day.

Our Google Ads specialist will perform this campaign, analyze its results and will be optimizing it until your ROI is in a considerable plus.

Our dynamic team consisting of specialists in fields of SEO, Web Design and Web Development, Text Production, as well as SEA, is looking forward to hearing from you.

Our dynamic team consisting of specialists in fields of SEO, Web Design and Web Development, Text Production, as well as SEA, is looking forward to hearing from you.

Sebastian Prohaska - Gründer und Geschäftsführer von ithelps - SEO Agentur Wien
Florian Prohaska - Mitgründer von ithelps - SEO Agentur Wien
Pilipp Simmandl - SEO-Spezialist
Magdalena Dobreva - Webseiten-Spezialistin
Markus Kemethofer - Sales & SEO
Siegfried Ferlin - Head of Quality
Tobias Volc - Office Assistent
Lisa Hinger - Projektleitung, SEO, Content

Our cooperation: reliable, uncomplicated, transparent, success-oriented


At a free initial consultation, we will get to know each other and discuss your current situation.

Suchmaschinenoptimierung Wien - Erstgespräch

Afterwards, we decide which measures need to be taken to benefit your business the most.

Suchmaschinenoptimierung Wien - Planung

Our collaboration will begin on a one-time or regular basis.

Suchmaschinenoptimierung Wien - Zusammenarbeit

At a free initial consultation, we will get to know each other and discuss your current situation.

Suchmaschinenoptimierung Wien - Erstgespräch

Afterwards, we decide which measures need to be taken to benefit your business the most.

Suchmaschinenoptimierung Wien - Planung

Our collaboration will begin on a one-time or regular basis.

Suchmaschinenoptimierung Wien - Zusammenarbeit

See how we optimize your online presence thus gaining customer inquiries and sales.

Technical Optimization

Technical Optimization

We improve the technical aspects of your website. Loading time and amount of technical errors define substantially its position on Google.

Optimization of Content

Optimization of Content

We optimize existing content, texts, and images of your website. These actions will provide a better position on Google.

Creating New Content

Creating New Content

If there is no content requiring optimization, we will create such. We write texts, search for images and design the newly created subpages of your website.

Backlink Setup

Backlink Setup

The so-called Off-Page Optimization. We promote your brand, you as a person as well as your website. We will make sure that other companies link you on their websites and make you visible.

Programming Websites

Programming Websites

We create websites that you can update and edit yourself later on. Our websites are perfectly build to follow Google's strict guidelines.



We set up or optimize your Google-Ads(AdWords) Ad for you. Search engine marketing has the advantage to generate quick results. Customer flow will be seen in an instant.

Improvement of Conversions

Improvement of Conversions

You have enough visitors to your webpage, but no one making a purchase? Or no one gets in contact with you? We will take measures to change this.

Social Media

Social Media

We are working together with the best Social Media Experts to make your business, your brand, your products and/ or you to be better known on the Web.

Why exactly ithelps the right SEO Agency for you and your company's success is

The highly motivated employees of our SEO Agency manage smaller and larger customers with the same passion. Due to their expertise in SEO, they will get your website on page 1 of the Google search list and raise your visibility on the Internet significantly, no matter if you are a small local business or an international group.

As a search engine optimization agency, we are working in a field that is always changing rapidly. Common updates of the Google algorithm demand immediate action regarding search engine optimization and the creation of content. Changing demands and search behavior of internet users require constant monitoring.

Therefore, it is important to choose a competent agency regarding your search engine optimization – such as ithelps Vienna and Berlin – as a reliable partner. After your free initial consultation and following initial analysis, we can set the first few steps of an efficient SEO strategy and necessary SEO actions for your success on the internet.

Request now your free initial consultation an let us lay the foundation for the success of your business on the internet.

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As an SEO agency, we know: everybody is searching for something and in this instance, your customers are searching for you. Let them find you.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO - is besides SEA (Google Ads) a crucial factor in Search Engine Marketing. Our job as your agency for Search Engine Optimization is to update your Website after the latest standards in SEO. This way you get found in the quickest way possible by Search Engines. As a measure, we will generate a TOP Ranking for each of your sites.

During the lead time, until SEO measures take full action, we create upon your request effective Google Ads Campaigns. This way we can make you more visible from the first day of our cooperation.

This guarantees you more visitors for your website, to whom you will able to present your product or your services. This will raise customer requests and transactions.

Testimonial Robert Kmenta

"Since I have been working with ithelps my organic reach has been growing constantly. What kind of feedback is better than measurable success?"

Roman Kmenta, Keynote Speaker & Entrepreneur

As Web Designers and Website Developers we know: Only if your website visitors feel comfortable on your website and easily find their way around it, there will be the chance of making them paying customers.

Successful entrepreneurs have known for a long time that a well-programmed website will raise customer requests and sales significantly. The modern design means more than just an appealing design. It needs more to get a good ranking and a pleasing conversion. User-friendliness (User Experience/UX) is the secret that generates sales for your website.

To create a higher conversion rate on your web page it calls for extensive research of your target market, your product and service offering, your competitors, as well as extensive experience and expertise of web design and SEO. However, you do not have to worry about this, that is what we are here for.

While you focus on your core business, we program as well as design your new website according to modern standards. We will fill it up with Search Engine Optimizing content and with your acceptance put it online.

From this point on your website will generate customer requests for you since it is optimized for the needs of your customers and fulfills its requirements for a good Google Ranking.

Testimonial DI Walter Auer

"We value ithelps as a competent SEO partner who quickly and reliably addresses our problems on demand and continuously provides valuable input for measurable product improvements."

Dr. Peter Krammer,

You own an existing website but if it does not offer expected results or it does not appeal to you anymore? No worries. We will take care of it.

Several measures we take to ensure your online success


Search Engine Marketing ensures an ongoing visitor flow towards your website. Search Engine Marketing divides itself into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertisement (Google Ads, SEA). Thus SEO & Google Ads are important traffic sources regarding your website.


As an agency for Search Engine Optimization we are specialized in optimizing your website to such an extent that it will be seen by Google and other Search Engines as informative and relevant for your field of business. Therefore, we analyze all SEO relevant aspects of your website and from your competitors as well. We identify possible weaknesses and existing potential.

Based on this extensive initial analysis we decide together what the most promising Keywords are and develop the SEO concept of your online presence.

Google Ads

SEA – Search Engine Advertisement – is besides SEO (Search Engine Optimization) one of the most effective marketing strategies. While SEO is geared towards being visible long-term, Ad Words Campaigns will allow you to be present in lots of web pages, with a high quantity of field relevant sites and web portals, with your offering.

In the right combination, SEO and SEA will guarantee a continuous visitor flow. Google Ads seems to be pricey but with our experience, as a Google Ads agency, it shows, that it turns out to be profitable. A positive ROI will be reached quickly.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is essential for Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Content Marketing deals with the creation and distribution of Content and Texts. Without high-quality content, such as blog articles, product descriptions, manuals, etc. marketing for your website will not be possible. Besides, it is a crucial element of On-Page Optimization.

Our writers – who are specialists in creating Search Engine Optimized texts – will compose substantial content for you and our experts in marketing will take care of suitable advertising measures.


Websites are the key point where most of Online Marketing Activities run together. It is the target point of all Online Marketing Campaigns because the goal is to present the product or service on your website to prospective buyers.

While Search Engine Marketing ensures visitors to your website, Web Design ensures conversions. There are lots of essential criteria to fulfill in Web Design. Such as user-friendliness, appealing visual appearance, and structure, that ensures high conversions, just to name a few.

Besides an appealing Web Design and perfect technology, regular optimization and improvement are crucial. In this case, we are talking about the optimization of the landing page and conversions. With a web analysis, we can help you precisely.

Ithelps – the SEO agency based in Vienna and Berlin

ithelps does not only stand for being an SEO agency and being a service provider for SEO but, for being a familiar, a contact person and a business partner, who only has one goal: to support you along the way to reach your target in online business.

"Let's start today, to better your position in Search Engines and to generate more visitors on your website."

Sebastian Prohaska - Gründer und Geschäftsführer - ithelps - die SEO AGENTUR

Sebastian Prohaska
Founder and CEO

Sebastian Prohaska
Florian Prohaska - Gründer - ithelps - die SEO AGENTUR

Florian Prohaska

Florian Prohaska

"The team of ithelps – SEO agency Vienna, Tyrol and Berlin – look forward to working together."

"The team of ithelps – SEO agency Vienna and Berlin – look forward to working together."

Search Engine Optimization – FAQs

How much does the Search Engine Optimization cost?

Price varies depending on:

  • How good is the current content?
  • How good is current the technology of your website?
  • How active are your competitors in the field of SEO?
  • How fought over are keywords or keyword phrases?
  • Which SEO measures are required?
  • Which resources are internally available?

Generally speaking, Search Engine Optimization is starting to make sense at 500€ per month. The running time of a project should be at least 9 months. If you can name a specific goal, then it is possible to estimate a price. E.g. "I want my website to appear on the first page using the terms A, B, and C on Google search.

What is the benefit of Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is used to generate so called rankings on Google. Ranking refers to the position of a website while searching for a keyword or the combination of search terms. The goal of SEO is to generate preferably lots of high positions in Search Engines. For instance, ithelps' ranking for "best SEO agency" is excellent. With lots of good rankings, you have a bigger chance of getting found through your online presence by potential customers or those interested. In short:

  • More visibility on Google
  • More visitors to your website
  • More customer requests
  • More sales

How fast may I perceive the impacts of Search Engine Optimization?

Results of Search Engine Optimization depend on several different factors. According to our experience, SEO methods will work best if a website is older and has more content to offer. To optimize, a younger website with not as many texts for search engines will take more time. The first effects of successful SEO measures will be seen after a few weeks, whereas the full capacity will be seen after about 6 months. This counts for strategic link building as well.

Is performance-based financing possible?

We offer financing based on performance. The advantage for you as a customer is to share the risk. The disadvantage would be the higher costs.

Costs will be divided by initial costs and costs at success.

SEO Agentur - Suchmaschinenoptimierung Wien

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